Romania digital nomad visa is here!

Romania Digital Nomad Visa

Following in the footsteps of countries such as Germany, Estonia and Australia, at the start of 2022 Romania made its first move in the direction of regulating digital nomads.

Since December 21st, 2021, you can get a digital nomad visa in Romania, one that allows you to easily spend 12 months in the country without having to worry about the otherwise difficult process of getting a residence permit in the country.

The Romania digital nomad visa allows people to spend 12 months in the country without the need of getting an additional permit or a different visa. The person needs to be self-employed (or work remotely) and earn three times the average salary in the country per month (an average of the previous six months is used).

With the average salary in Romania currently at around 1,100 Euros, this means that you need earnings of 3,300 Euros per month for the past three months before applying.

The flexible process for obtaining the long-stay visa, along with the rather low cost of living and a very good internet network are all ingredients to make Romania become a top choice for remote working digital nomads in the region.

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