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Why Sibiu, Transylvania? Why Romania?

In 2022, following in the footsteps of countries such as Germany, Estonia and Australia, Romania made its first move in the direction of regulating digital nomads. Romania ranks 6th in the world for fixed broadband speeds. Sibiu is one of the most vibrant cities in Romania. Former capital of Transylvania under during the Austrian Empire, former Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007 and arguably the theatre capital of Romania, Sibiu is attractive both as a fast-growing economic center, as cultural and entertainment destination for thousands of tourists and an educational and military center.

Business relocation to Sibiu

We are a mobility services provider for Sibiu, Romania. Our high-quality standards and well-defined processes in compliance with companies´ policies help us build strong long-term relationships with our clients and partners.

Digital nomad in Sibiu, Romania

Why work from ”anywhere”, when you can do it ”somewhere”? Former Cultural Capital of Europe, home of a NATO command center, a cosmopolitan city and a buzzing engineering hub, surrounded by mountains and only two hours drive far from the Cluj-Napoca and the Untold Festival. Does it sound good already?

A literal approach to mobility

While other mobility companies in Romania use this term for services provided with partners, we chose a different path: we drive you with our own cars in Sibiu.

Office rentals in Sibiu

Large office rentals in Sibiu suit the start of your business in Sibiu? Or maybe a desk in a warm and coworking area is your thing? Then, you are in the right spot.

Sibiu for Expats: enjoy hospitality!

Imagine you live only 30 minutes drive from the wild Carpathian mountains, the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sighișoara or Sarmizegetusa and in the same city as the third largest performing arts festival in the world. This is Sibiu, Transylvania, in the country of Romania, your new home.

Some of our Partners

These are just a few of our local partners who will make you feel at home in Sibiu.

Sibiu, the perfect starting point in Transylvania

Travel to or from Sibiu is more than simple with your designated local travel agent, one of the ”no-strings-attached” services we offer. Who knows, maybe your next destination from Sibiu could even be a en elf-looking castle nearby.