Iași for Expats

Iași for Expats

Iasi for expats who have settled here means more than just the largest town in the historic region of Moldova.

Iași was the capital of Romanian United Principalities two times between 1859-1862 and of Romania during the Great War, between 1916-1918.

Iași was the home of many great Romanian writers, poets and personalities. You can find memorial houses at every step and we reccomend you to take time to discover Iasi by walking the streets of ”Copou”, a beautifully preserved neighbourhood where many of the stories of the 19th century Iași took place.

In recent years, the city went through a process of restoration and it became a wonderful destination for those who want to enjoy a city break or need a starting point for their journeys in Eastern Romania, the Republic of Moldova or Ukraine.

The modernization of the Iași International Airport led to an opening for international businesses who were looking to settle in Iași.

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Iași expats culture

A city of romantic heritage

Iași expats can enjoy a vibrant cultural life, which continues a centuries old heritage. 

The building of the National Theatre ”Vasile Alecsandri” rivals other European monuments of the kind built in the 19th century. 

It hosts today theatre as opera performances of the two main performing arts institutions of Iași. 

Several other theatres, as well as a philarmonics are to be found in Iași. 

The Iași new performing arts projects developing in Iași are also attractive for the expats or digital nomads coming to Romania.

Challenging natural beauties

An expat in Iași will be able to escape the city and unleash his exploring potential in the Carpathian mountains. 

Light trekking will take you on top of the Ceahlău mountains, only 2 hours drive from Iași. 

Discover pristine forests that are home of the European wood bison, brown bear and wild wolves and spectacular landscapes that make you want to wander for days in a row.  

North, towards the city of Botoșani, the Prut river has been tamed forming one of the larges man-made lakes in Romania, the Costești-Stânca reservoir. ,

The hills surrounding Iași are of a beauty of their own and their stories can be discovered by bycicle or through long runs or walks. 



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A gateway to another Moldova

Iași is only 20 km far from the border with the Republica of Moldova. This small, rather unknown country is one of the top fine wine producers in Europe. 

Best known for its hospitality, the Republic of Moldova hides fantastic tourist attractions, including the largest wine cellar in the world and the largest collection of fine wine, according to the Guinnes Book of Records. 

A few hours to the seaside

What do Iași expats have and those in Cluj or Timișoara don’t? Seaside!

Only 5 hours drive (soon reachable also by train), the city of Odessa is a multicultural historic destination that just craves being discovered. 

Hop on,  let’s go to the beach!


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